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Card of the Week for April 5 – April 11, 2015

Avoid Allergens

“Dearest Archangel Raphael, please assist me in identifying and avoiding allergens that may be toxic to my health and happiness.  Help me to only crave healthy foods and beverages.”

A health issue is caused or exacerbated by an allergic reaction.  Check the diet first, as we often binge upon substances to which we are allergic.  An appointment with an allergist may be necessary to tease out this causal substance.

Once diet has been investigated, check into environmental allergens in the home or community.  You (or the person you are inquiring about) are highly sensitive and need to honor these allergic reactions.  The body’s immune system is responding in appropriate ways, and now it is up to you to completely avoid the toxic irritants.  Ask Archangel Raphael to help in making healthful changes, such as reducing cravings to allergens, detoxifying your home, or moving to a new home in an area with cleaner air.

This is a time to ask yourself, “What am I putting myself through, putting my body through, that it really does not need?”  Are you feeding yourself yucky words, yucky food, spending time with friends who suck the energy out and replace it with more yucky?  This card you have received, have been drawn to this week, is asking you to make some changes.  Changes to your body, your diet, your mind, and your experience.  Ask yourself, “What is it that is causing me discomfort?”  Ask yourself, “Is this good for me or am I allergic go this situation, relationship, person, food, activity?”

Call upon Archangel Raphael to help you this week.  Ask him to release you from the situation, the environment, the thoughts, the people, the activity, the food, the relationship.  Ask him to be with you and to help you gain clarity on what it is you should be releasing.  Let go of what does not feel good, what does not give you pleasure.

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