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Card of the Week for March 1-7, 2015


You drew this card as a result of your past lifetimes as a monk, nun, or someone similar.  This means you lived a life filled with isolation, rules, and spiritual devotion.

In your lifetime now, you may notice your tendency to isolate yourself from others.  In fact, you likely feel most confident when you are faced by yourself.  Other people may even refer to you as a “monk.”  If this pattern is interfering with your relationships, you might consider having sessions with a qualities past-life regressionist.

In addition, you may have taken vows as a monk or a nun that may be interfering with your relationships, career, and more.  Unless these vows are severed, they carry forward through time.  So, for instance, if you took a vow of poverty, you may be struggling today with financial insecurity.  Other past-life vows could be connected to chastity, which can impact your present romantic life, or self-denial, which causes you to feel undeserving or fearful of abundance.

Often it is enough simply to consciously bring the memories of these vows to the surface in order to release them.  Then is is just a matter of clearly serving them in all directions of time.  You can do so by simply saying the following:  “I hereby server and release any vows that are self-destructive, in all directions of time, for everyone involved.”

This is a week of silence and contemplation.  You need to look at what you are suffering from.  Are you closing yourself off from others for fear of being hurt?  Are you overspending because you feel you need to suffer financially?  What are your habits and how are they creating the life you live compared to the life you desire?  In the next 7 days, breathe deeply and ask the Angels to help you release what is keeping you from what it is you desire.  Look deep and see what is it you are punishing yourself from.  What are you doing to keep this pain so close?  Open your eyes, your heart, and your experience of life to include more fun!