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Card of the Week for March 15-21, 2015


This is a sign from your guardian angels, who have been with you throughout your soul’s history.  In between each lifetime, your angels work with you to review the lessons you have just learned.  They also help you prepare and plan for your next lifetime.

You may have functioned as an angel during your time in Heaven.  You helped guide and heal your loved ones, just like your angels do for you.  As a result, you hold a deep love for guardian angels.

Your guardian angels know all of the details of every lifetime, and they can help you gently recall significant memories that will allow you to heal in your present life.  Call upon your angels as you are falling asleep to reveal relevant memories while you are sleeping.  When you wake up, you may not recall all of the details of your dream.  However, once you have prepared to consciously remember your past, the material will be given to you.  You will only remember what you are emotionally able to handle.

In addition, Archangel Michael (the angel of courage, strength, and protection); Raphael (the angel of physical and emotional healing); and Raziel (the angel of God’s secrets and mysteries) will help anyone who calls upon them.  Life all archangels, they are unlimited and nondenominational.  They can be with everyone simultaneously, offering their unconditionally loving power.

Your angels are asking you to remember.  Remember what your purpose is, what the greatness of who you are is.  This week is one of remembrance.  You have looked deep within, discovered the changes you desire, came to terms with the changes you must make, and now is the time to react.  Your angels are calling to you to take action.  What memories are you withholding from yourself?  What is having you pause instead of moving forward?  It is time for you to breathe deeply and begin!