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Card of the Week for March 22-28, 2015

Karmic Relationship

One or more people in your current life are from previous relationships with karmic imbalances.  This means that one or both of you are most likely harboring old feelings that need to be healed and released.  When this occurs, you will be set free from recurring destructive and toxic relationship patterns.

In some cases, this card will arise when there is a reunion with a beloved soul from a previous life.  Perhaps you have finally reconnected with a romantic partner from your past, or a new friendship is bringing you great joy.  With healthy past-life connections, you will immediately feel a sense of comfort and familiarity.

This card is an answer or concern that involves karmic relationships.  Fortunately, you can appeal to Heaven for help in releasing any old, stuck energies or emotions  You may also be guided to work with a specialist to work on the relationship and healing.

How are your relationships?  Are they as deep as you would like?  This month has been all about looking deeper within.  Our relationships are mirror images of ourselves.  This week is designed for you to take a closer look into the relationships you have.  How do you wish they were different?  How do you wish you were different in them?  Are you attracting the same kind of relationships with the same kind of problems only with a different partner?

Often we keep attracting what we don’t want because we refuse to fix ourselves and take a longer look at ourselves.  This week I ask you to look deep within and find what it is you desire in the relationships you have.  Do you desire happiness?  More love?  More security?  What you desire can be created by changing your mindset.  You have to change, not the other person.  By you changing, the other person will change to meet your energy.

If you need help or assistance, please contact Jen Casper at (570) 871-3930 to schedule an appointment so we can discuss how to improve your relationship.  Working on you will improve your relationship.  Working with a coach will help you become more accountable and help you change your world!