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Card of the Week for March 29 – April 4, 2015

Food and Hunger

In your past lives you did not have enough to eat.  This is causing you to overeat and hoard food in this incarnation.  You may have weight or eating-disorder issues because you associate eating with fear instead of hunger.  You harbor insecurities about whether there will be enough food in the future, so you may stockpile supplies.  You also serve yourself large portions, and make sure to eat everything on your plate “just in case” there won’t be enough food in the future.  For some people, this pattern also applies to fears about having enough water to drink.

Often just remembering the past-life pattern is enough to heal the issue.  Understand that the past is over and will not repeat in this current lifetime.  The goal should be to learn from it and then to let it go.  Also, let fears of deprivation fade away, as they are no longer necessary.  Open yourself up to abundance.

We are still going deeper yet this month of March.  We are looking within to see what we are starving for, what we are craving and what we are needing.  Food and hunger can represent love, security, acceptance, tolerance, joy, and any matter of things. This is your time to see what it is you need, want, desire and what you are lacking.  What is it in your life you are not bringing to you?  What are you hording?  What are you giving away?

Working on yourself can be difficult and time consuming.  We may say, “Next week, next month, any time, but not now as I am too busy.”  The great things about problems is they don’t go away on their own.  They pile up and collect dust until we can’t move and have to face them.  This month was all about YOU and what you want.  It is time to house clean.  We are getting ready for a re-birthing processing and this month is just the month to clean out the closets, open up the windows and refresh ourselves.

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