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Card of the Week for March 8-14, 2015


Your relationship to health and healing is influenced by other lifetimes.  You may be suffering from a physical problems that was inflicted upon you during your last life.  Perhaps you reincarnated so quickly that you did not have time to deal with the underlying issues.  Your physical health has caused you hardship, yet it has also taught you a deeper level of compassion than you could have learned in a healthy body.

You have also developed healing skills that can benefit others; in fact, you may already know that you are a healer.  This knowledge was acquired in previous lifetimes when you performed healings on others.  Back then, your earthly needs were likely taken care of by the community, so you may struggle with the idea of charging money for healing work in this life.  It is helpful to know that in this current Western society, everyone must charge for their work, including those who provide spiritually based services.

This card is asking you to look deeper within your heart.  Last week, you were to examine what was holding you back or what you were suffering from.  This week, ask yourself, “How do I feel?”  Be honest with yourself.  Are you happy, sad, okay, wonderful, amazing?  Are you loving life?  Are you loving who you are?  Now is the time to heal what is broken, what is not working out for you.  Now is the time to embrace the present and love every minute of it.  Is your soul as healthy as your body?  Are either of these healthy?  What have you been feeding your spirit?  What have you been feeding your mind?

Enlightenment comes when we least expect it.  It is when we hit rock bottom and there is only way to go…UP.  Today, tomorrow, this week, it is your time to make a choice.  Do you desire to continue as you are?  Are you truly happy living like, well, this?  If the answer is no, it’s time to make a decision, a choice, and take action.

If you can’t do it on your own, then seek my support as I am an intuitive coach and I can help you!  Contact me today!