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Card of the Week May 17 – 23, 2015

This is a message about honoring your vision.  It asks you to trust the mental images you have been receiving, as they are answers to your prayers.  Your prophetic visions will bring blessings to you and your loved ones.  You know that they are Heaven inspired because of their loving nature.  Only follow the messages that ask you to act on behalf of God’s Love.

Your guardian angel is helping you to see clearly the truth within your present situation.  This involves a dual perspective.  First, hold the intention to see the Divine light within everyone and everything.  This helps the highest possible outcome to occur.  Have faith.  Second, allow yourself to see the earthly and human truth of this situation.  Is someone or something out of balance with integrity?  Admit this to yourself, and clearly witness the perspectives and  motivations of everyone involved.

This can also be a message from your angels to have your physical vision checked or corrected.  Prayer can help by healing your sight and also by leading you to the best optometrist or other eye-care professional.

Your angels surround your physical and spiritual vision with light.  Look through their eyes and you will see the best within yourself and the life itself.

This week be kind to yourself, but look deeper.  What are you keeping from yourself?  What do you wish to see MORE of in your life?  Are you denying yourself something you need?  Often times we hold our breath, close our eyes for fear we may see or feel something we don’t want.  What happens when we close our eyes to certain situation is we forget we need to see both the good and the bad.  We need to embrace each experience as it comes.  As quickly as it showed up, it can be released.  We just need to acknowledge it and allow it fall from from experience like sand between our fingers.  Take this time to open your eyes wide to the vision of what you desire to see in life.

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