Intuitive Coaching

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Intuitive Coaching helps you to change your life on a larger scale.  From seeing possibilities and creating new opportunities professionally and personally, to learning how to create the life you have always dreamed of, to attracting your soul mate, your life partner, or your twin flame, intuitive coaching helps you on all levels and in all areas of your life.  Changing your life and your present experience can be very daunting alone and can seem very painful at first.  Working together with Jen Casper allows you  to confront the issues you may not realize are a problem and keeping you from obtaining what you truly desire.  Seeing your present blockages in a new light with a fresh perspective, makes it easier to create the change you desire.  By reinforcing your attention to your strengths, your desires, your wants, and your needs, we work on redefining your belief systems and determining what needs to be improved, released, and renewed.   Any situation can be improved through Intuitive Coaching!


Intuitive coaching uses holistic healing modalities and works with your energy to help you resolve your deepest issues and blockages.  By getting to the root of the issue without having to re-experience the cause, you are able to heal quicker and have begin to feel freedom.  Through discussions, new habits, thought processes, recreating belief systems that support your present and future experience, you begin to live the life you truly desire.  Once the issues have been healed and realigned, your consciousness and subconsciousness begin to form new life patterns, creating change within you and in your world. 

You can experience significant life changes while working with Jen Casper.  Our focus is on you on a very deep level of healing and transformation.  By opening your mind to possibilities, opportunities, healing, and creating change with purpose, you begin to see results as soon as the first session.  Your entire experience of life is different as your perception shifts with each session.

Working with Jen will:

*  Encourage you to set goals you truly desire
*  Require you to do more than you might do on your own.
*  Give you the undivided attention and loving support you need.
*  Help you focus in order to produce results more quickly.
*  Provide you with the tools, support and structure to accomplish more in a short period of time with the results you want.

How is Intuitive Coaching Different from Therapy or Consulting?

Therapy is designed to look at the past and fix past issues and consulting provides alternative methods for accomplishing goals but does not offer the support or motivation to keep going.  If you get stuck in a situation in the PRESENT, therapy and consulting cannot help you, but Intuitive Coaching does!  Intuitive Coaching enables you to determine your own “answers” through collaboration in the coaching partnership.  Work with Jen to discover more about yourself in this process.  It allows you to use these skills in the FUTURE!

Who Works With a Coach?

Anyone who desires change but is unsure where or how to begin seeks out a coach.  Successful people use coaches to help them get to the next level in their professional and personal lives.  Many individuals have a need to change and want encouragement and assistance, regardless of their professional endeavors or place in life.  The common traits of coachable people are:  successful, resourceful, and intelligent.  These are individuals who desire to get more out of their lives!

What professional athlete has not used a coach to win?  An intuitive coach helps to point out the things you can’t see, encourages and challenges you to achieve greatness.  Intuitive coaching helps you to begin living up to your greatest potential and see the greatness you have yet to achieve.  Intuitive coaching is like having a personal trainer for your life!


Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive Coaching is sold in packages in order to provide for clients’ specific needs and to allow for the natural and inevitable progression that occurs.  A personalized proposal is presented to the potential client, offering packages that will best fit his/her needs.    Coaching sessions can take place over the phone or in person and are determined in advance between Jen and the client. Jen Casper is 100% committed to your coaching appointment. It is important for you to be 100% committed to your coaching appointment. When you reserve a coaching appointment, understand that you have purchased a “coaching time slot”. Any changes made to your coaching appointment must be made 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment by phone at 570-871-3930. There are no refunds for missed appointments.

Personal results with any coaching program are based on the individual.  Jen Casper will give you 100% of her attention, time, effort, for your success.  Are you totally committed to giving yourself 100% of YOU? Purchasing a coaching package implies that you have read and agree to this disclaimer.

* Terms of Scheduling Appointments:
Cash, local check, paypal and credit cards are accepted.
(If paying with a credit card, receipt will be emailed or sent via text message.)
There are no refunds.