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“Heart to heart journey is your way to love.”

Love Reading December 3, 2013

Heart to Heart Conversations

We need to have a heart to heart discussion with yourself or with your loved one.  There are emotions that are hiding and need to be expressed.  By expressing your true feelings with yourself, the love you have been holding onto can be released.  This may appear risky, but by being honest with yourself and with another you are able to come to terms with what is beneath the surface.  By speaking your truth, by allowing yourself to know what you truly feel, you are able to heal the situation you are seeking guidance on.  Love yourself enough to express your true feelings.

When you are playful, you find delight in all you do.  Be playful when you have your honest discussion about what your heart desires.  Be youthful, love like a child, embrace the opportunity to enjoy yourself while you are being honest and heartfelt.  When was the last time you laughed?  When was the last time you were silly?  When you are in a state of honesty, playfulness takes the scary out of it.  We are all on an adventure in this life.  Some parts can be easy, some parts can be difficult.  When we see things through the eyes of a child, we are curious, open and at ease.  Love being playful with life.  Love the idea of being in love.

Everyone deserves love.  Love comes from a place in the heart most don’t like to share.  By being honest with ourselves and others through heart to heart conversations, we can be playful and express our love in ways that are not scary.  A child knows it deserves love and gives it without expectation.  Too often we lose this playfulness, this ability to love without expectation.  Find love within yourself.  Seek deep within yourself to see the playful, fun of life.  YOU DESERVE LOVE.  No matter who you are, no matter your past, your present or your future, you deserve to be loved.  Love another.  Love yourself.  You are lovable.  You are a child of God and God is love.  Be open to receive, but also give. Give of yourself so others can love the person you are!  YOU ARE LOVABLE!