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You are about to embrace a new way of thought and living.  You are going to be given insight that others will not see or recognize.  This is a gift from above.  The angels have chosen to show you.  This vision will change what you see, what you feel, and where you shall move forward.  Take time to choose wisely where you go with this new information.  What is bright is not always glitter.  Use this time to show others what can be.  Help others to see what is within them.  Speak your truth and allow others to know that you are confident about what you are saying.  It is time to know you are special and your thoughts matter.  Take a chance and be who you shall become.  You are being called upon to make a difference.  Remember, you were chosen for this life, this experience and this vision.  YOU.  Now, stand tall and take the reigns.  Make it the best yet.