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Animal Spirit Guide DOLPHIN

“Within each breath you take, know that you will find the answers you see with clarity of the heart and vision.”  When a Dolphin swims into your life, there is a message that we sometimes take for granted.  Communication is key, but listening is also a form of communication.  Are you listening?  Are you ready to hear what is being said to you?  Too often we are so ready to talk and chat and text and email, but what about the information we are receiving?  Are you processing what is coming back to you?  Are you hearing what is being said?  There are important messages being delivered to you and if you Dolphin comes into your life, you are listening as well as you should.  You are missing out on the information you need to proceed forward.  Begin playing with thoughts, with words, with what makes sense and what does not make sense yet.  Dolphin reminds us that all seriousness and all work is not good.  When we are open and relaxed, the messages that are trying to break through will just be.  Begin to allow life to just be.  Remember when you were a child and play was fun?  Remember when life was an adventure and stress free?  Find it within yourself to listen to beating of your heart and the stillness it makes.  Take a moment to listen to what someone is saying for it holds the key to what you need to know right now.  Someone is giving you what you need to move forward.  There is substance in what is being told to you.  You are a leader, but even leaders need to listen to their disciples for the disciples have been on the opening lines.  Use the knowledge of another to help you with your current dilemma.