Taking Action to Move Forward Dec 1 – Dec 7

Moving Forward

For the Week of December 1 – December 7, 2013


Taking Action

Taking Action

“I enthusiastically embrace life’s boundless possibilities.”

Don’t hesitate!  This message is telling you to stop putting off what you desire to do.  Stand tall, be confident, begin to walk in the area of your passion.  Action takes focus, determination, and will power.  What have you been desiring?  What have you been passionate about but only spoke of?  It is time to move forward with your dreams, begin taking action steps towards your goals, and when you begin walking this pathway, doors will begin to open up for you!


Receiving From Angels

Receiving from Angels

“Shimmering wings of angels embrace me with love.”

Blessings from above are showering all over your life!  Angels are real and they are here to help you see what you have been missing.  Messages from God are coming to you with love.  Spread your wings and soar with confidence!  Your wisdom and inner guidance is helping you to achieve your dreams.  There are signs all around guiding you towards you new journey.  It is time for you to move forward with confidence and success.  There is nothing in your way!  Ask the angels to grab your hand and lead you.  You can do this!


Lettign Go

“I surrender joyously to the ebbing and flowing of life.”


Surrender.  Surrender your thoughts of fear, lack, not good enough.  It is time to release what no longer fits you so you can begin this journey fresh of mind and spirit.  Launch yourself forward so you can begin to embrace the new life that is waiting for you.  The secret to moving forward is having a clear vision of what you aspire to achieve.  Where do you desire to head?  Allow the journey to bring you to a place that is better than your dreams.  It all begins with one step.  Let go of what is holding you back. Allow the fear to disappear into the night.  When you open your eyes, put one foot in front of the other and begin walking towards you future!

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