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We all want to have a clear vision of what we wish to manifest.  For some, it is easier and more vibrantly apparently.  For others, it is hard to imagine a life that is not ordinary.

For today, try to take a moment and contemplate what you don’t know.  Imagine being able to release what you believe to be possible.  Imagine possibilities you have yet to consider.  Imagine being able to live a life so far beyond your wildest dreams it doesn’t even seem logical, let alone possible.  What would it take to achieve all this and more?

Openness. When we are open to the possibility there is more than what we believe, think, or can even imagine possible, we begin to align with new possibilities and opportunities.  Try being open to suggestions you were once closed to.  Begin to be open to a possibility you may want to embark upon.

We each have a purpose hidden within ourselves.  Some realize it earlier than others.  Whether you have uncovered the hidden gem of insight or if you are still working on getting to the point of starting a journey to find it within yourself, become open to possibility you may not know what you don’t know.  Begin to honor yourself knowing you don’t have all the answers.  Choose to believe in magic once again and watch as the stars align and the Universe tilts in your direction and all things that seemed impossible, begin to become possible after all.