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Assert control.  The present situation had you befuddled.  Even for a second, you may have thought it was beyond you.  Beyond what you could handle.  In truth, you have the ability to assert control over this very moment.  You have within you the ability to take over the reigns of your life and begin to use your free will to your advantage.  Magical words have never been so ready to be spoken.

Say, “YES!” to self, tell self, “GOOD JOB!”  and love yourself enough to do what you want for a change. What do you really want out of life for today?  And tomorrow?

Look at where you are and decide if that is where you want to be in the short term, long term, and even so far into the future, you can’t see it right now.  Today is the day to begin living as if you are in control of your life.  Today is the day to be empowered enough to know you have the ability to make change for you.