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Water flows to us.

Sacred Pool

“Everything is connected through

the universal flow of consciousness.”

Every experience you have seems to have its own life story, with a beginning; a middle; and eventually, an end.  However, there is a danger in seeing events as separate from one another, since in fact they are all part of a continuity and a greater evolution.


Like an ever-flowing Magic Stream, your experiences filter through the whole world, one leading into another, informing and influencing still more.  Inspiration, invention, and revelations rarely come to just one person.  The collective awareness is a shared storehouse of potential.  When you remember you are a part of the fluid continuity of life, you become a channel for great inspiration.  Allow the magic to flow through you and carry your dreams into reality.  Your success will benefit many.


This card is telling us to just let go.  Even though every situation has an up, middle, and then a down, that down leads into another up.  It is all interconnected.  Too often we fret over the ending and don’t really appreciate the beginning of something new.  Know that your part in this Universe is HUGE!  Without you, there would be a missing component to the future of someone.  When you dip into the magical waters of life, embrace every ounce of fun.  Experience and learn your lessons as they are what bring you to tomorrow.