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Card of the Week for February 15 – 21, 2015

Within the Next Few Weeks

You have been waiting.  You have been patient.  You have asked, prayed, taken action, and now what?  The answer you seek is “Within the Next Few Weeks” your prayer will be answered.

This divine timing of this situation is crucial.  You don’t want to rush this.  By rushing this situation, the result will not be as concrete as you desire.  Action, truth, and honesty are your key words for this week.  Be ready to take the action necessary to create and manifest your greater desire.  After saying NO last week, you have put into action a chain of events only Heaven could orchestrate.  By seeing deeper into what you truly desire, you are ready to share your truth.  You are ready to inspire others with your new vision and greater hope.

Now is the time to make sure you are receiving honesty from others and from yourself.  Don’t turn your back on the truth and let the honesty fall away.  Rather hold the truth close to your heart and embrace the honesty begin shown here.  Your power is within.  You have discovered it.  Within the next few weeks, you shall see the sprouts of the seeds you have planted.  Are you ready for this to take form?

Embrace this truth and be ready to inspire and create.  Within the next few weeks things are going to get interesting.  Be more aware of what is coming to you!  What you are looking to happen will becoming to you on the wings of an angel, but possibly not how you would like it scripted.  God has a way of changing things so they fit perfectly in the divine script you created, not in the way you thought you wanted it to happen.  Be ready!