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Empowerment begins within. We each have empowerment within us, but it is recognizing and owning this amazing power that allows us to utilize our potential. Empowerment is being assertive, knowing we have choices and creating choices when we seem to have none. It is understanding we can redefine ourselves at any given moment to create a better choice for what it is we desire and want. When we give away our power, we lose ourselves. We allow another to tell us what it is we want and desire. We let ourselves get lost in the chaos of life. We allow our loved ones and other individuals tell us what is best for us. Then, one day we realize we have given up our power.

To learn about your own empowerment, take notice of what it is YOU want, what YOU desire, and get to know yourself. Empowerment means to take a stand to value yourself more. Feel respected, feel loved, feel supported, know you matter, and have the motivation to achieve your desires. An empowered person uses positive, loving words about themselves. An empowered person uses active language to describe their life. The empowered woman knows what it is she desires and strives every day to achieve accomplishment. Developing your empowerment begins with being open about yourself. Learn to love yourself and accept who you. Acknowledge your strengths, weaknesses, and the areas that are developing within you. Your desires, likes, dislikes, and passions will change as you evolve. Be the person you desire to have attracted to you in your life. Be accepting, trustworthy, loving, caring, and supportive of others.

Recognizing your own empowerment takes patience on a daily basis. It means creating experiences where you can demonstrate your own confidence in yourself and your decisions. It means cultivating experiences that strengthen your resolve to see the empowerment within you. Be aware of your own power by working through the fears you have. Examine yourself on a daily basis to see how far you have come, where you are, and establish goals to achieve even more than you have. Be the survivor. Be the champion. Be the victor. Be the one who controls and writes your life story. You are the creator of every experience. How do you desire your story to read? It is sometimes difficult to imagine YOU have power. Close your eyes, open your heart, and imagine what it would be like to be the person you want to be. What does that person look like? What is so different about the future self? Listen to your heart and decide you want to become. Love yourself enough to say YES! to you and No. to others. Accept that making boundaries makes you happy and will help others to demonstrate respect of you.

To help empower yourself, consider wearing Citrine, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline, or Ruby. Strengthen your root chakra by healing it. Begin working on grounding yourself. Anchor yourself to the ground by envisioning an anchor pulling you to the earth. Desire change enough to put motivation and action behind your words. Reassert your actions by telling others you are changing and empowering yourself. Make decisions based on what it is you desire, not what others want you to do.