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Lion Laughing

What has stepped into your life to cause you fear?  Have you been watching too many scary movies inside your head of unfavorable possibilities?  Life is bringing you some amazing possibilities.  It is your fear of these possibilities that withholds you from enjoying the new opportunities available to you.  When you decide to live in the moment, this moment, you can handle whatever may or may not pop up.  In this moment right now, you have power.  You have power over yourself, over your response and your ability to handle things.

What if you have a challenge before you?  You have survived other challenges you have been faced with.  You have been able to find the right amount of courage to step into the uncharted and here you are today.  Safe, sound, and better for it.  Today is no different.  Today is a different day, a different challenge and a new opportunity to make a good choice.

Stay present.  Face the possible fear and laugh at it.  Laugh it at as it begins to get smaller and you feel taller, more empowered.  You can handle all things presented to you … today, because in today you hold the key of knowledge.