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“A little bit of LOVE goes a long way.

Love.  Can love go a long way?  It is true, a little bit of anything can go a long way.  But, how far can Love stretch?  Can it stretch over time?  What about space?  How about distance?  At what lengths are we willing to give to another.  A little bit of LOVE goes a long way, even beyond rational thinking.  We believe love should be easy.  It should take nothing and just happen.  But in truth, loving another is always a work in progress.  It is about loving yourself first, but giving enough of yourself to the other person.  When you give a little bit, the compromise helps alleviate all stress and conflict and your opinion will be heard and taken into account.  It is when you don’t give anything, conflict and stress rise.  Give a little bit, get a lot in return.  Give a little bit of love and watch as it changes your future!  The changes in your future depend on what changes you desire and where you put your trust in.  Love of anything will allow you to grow with it.  When we love what we do, great things manifest.