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Money to manifest

Money.  We all need it. It has many names and is known to make the world go around.  Imagine for a second you have been award $1,000,000.  Yes, that is ONE MILLION DOLLARS.  What would you do with it?  How would you spend it or would you invest in something worthwhile?  Would you invest in yourself or others?  Would you go on vacation first or buy a new home?  Would you give some away to a charity or would you create your own scholarship fund?  Now, imagine all those dreams but take away the money.  What has changed?  Are your dreams still as big or have they gotten smaller?  Why did they change?  

  We often feel without the money we have lost something.  We are “unable” to do what we want because we don’t have the funds, the dinero, cabbage, cash, dollars to do it.  When we put the thought of money before the great deeds and aspirations, we are loose something in the translation.  We lose the positive intent in the first place. 

Back to our dreams.  Let’s look at them again.  What if you could have your dream and recreate your life AND then the money would come?  Crazy?  Consider this thought.  If you dream it, they will come, the money will follow and you shall be able to do what you were destined to do.  If you do what you love, the money shall come.  We need to crawl before we can walk.  We need to be able to aspire and motivate ourselves before we can motive and inspire others.  If you can talk to a group of one you can talk to a group of many.

When you dream, put your dream before the money.  When you think a thought, when you consider something great, move forward knowing the money you require will find you, not you find the money. When you are ready the teacher shall emerge.  Consider the stack of money.  Dream of what YOU would do when that money finds you.  Where will you be?  What will be the first thing you do?  Play with these ideas, discover more about yourself and about others.  Dream big and allow the Universe to supply you with what you need.