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To begin is to journey

At some point in our lives, we begin a new chapter.  Sometimes it is when we step out on our own, get our first job, other times it is when we get married or have our first child.  Each chapter we begin writing, starts with the first step on a new path toward a journey we have yet to determine the destination.  We are filled with hope, faith, joy and sometimes fear.  We don’t know where it will lead us, who we will come in contact with, and the unknowns out weigh what we do know.  However, tentatively we walk, we still set out embracing what will change our lives forever. 

In a split second, our lives can alter paths.  We can make a choice or decision that alters and effects how we live from that second on.  In some cases it is the best decision we made, while other times we wish we could undo what we had written.  If only we had a second chance to make a different choice.  The words we write, the sentences we put forth, and the steps we take can not be undone, but rather changed with future choices.  What took two seconds to create can take the rest of our lifetime to change. 

When writing your next chapter, consider what you want written before you begin typing away.  Consider your thoughts and how these ideas create your present moments.  Embrace each second as if it were the last.  Know that each second leads to minutes of time that may have to remember.  Hold dear the ones you love, release those who have wronged you, and say the words your heart speaks.