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Open To Discovery

We each have a path.  We each play a HUGE part in this society, this complex creation.  When taken at first glance, we are inspired to view life as complicated and too much to bear.  That is when we need to consider what part we play for everyone around us.  If you chose to take yourself away from what is your path, how do you affect the others around you?  We feel at times this is our journey and it is a lonely one at best.  Look to your left and look to your right.  Do you see?  Do you see the lighted way?  Do you see your angels trying their best to keep you within the balance?  We need to walk upon the scary part of life to keep ourselves honest.  Honest with whom?  Honest with ourselves that we can not complete this journey by ourselves, but rather with the others that surround us.  Angels appear out of nowhere.  They inspire us, wake us up, take our hands and lead the way.  It is our mindset that keeps us where we are at.  Where are you headed, my friend?  I shall help you and lead you.  I just need your hand.  My intentions is one of inspiration, one of love.  What is your intention?  What is your desire?  Only you can make it up.  Only you can reach for the stars.  Once we open our minds, our hearts, our desire shall reign true.  Our desire shall pull us through the darkest of the dark so the light of our pathways shine brighter than any darkness.  Each of us has a gift.  What is your gift?  Have you discovered where it hides or are you searching for it to manifest?  Grab my hand and allow me to help you discover the secret you have hidden deep within your soul.  You are ready to discover it.  Take the plunge.