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When a Possum comes into our lives we need to ask ourselves “What are we trying to hide from?”  Are you trying to lay down and expect life or the situation to find you “playing dead” and leave?  It is moments like this that we need to stand up to our fears and the situations that arise before us and stand tall.  You may not be right, you may be very correct in your thinking, but without letting go of fear and allowing you will never know.  The situation you are trying to let go of will not go away on its own as it is a lesson.  This lesson is strong enough to be persistent and to help you realize more about yourself than you realized prior.  Look deep within yourself and find out where your strengths are.  Possums use their act of playing dread to keep alive.  You are playing dead to avoid a very important issue. Learn from what works and what does not.  Act on your intuition and have faith.  What you desire is closer than you realize.