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Joy and Happiness

There once was two friends, Joy and Happiness, who loved each other beyond words.  They did everything together!  They shopped, they drank coffee, they watched their kids grow and play.  One day, Happiness was called away from her life for business.  She told Joy she would be back again some day, but not sure when.  Joy was struck by the loneliness only true friends can experience.  When Joy would drink coffee, she would only taste sour milk.  When Joy shopped she felt she was over charged and never found anything she liked.  When her children asked her to play, she could only bring herself to smile and say “not now.”  Joy felt so empty and hurt.  Her life had drifted away, leaving her feeling empty and in a lull.  Soon, Joy could no longer drink coffee, shop, or enjoy her children.  She was left to feel miserable and alone.  After some time, Happiness returned!  She found Joy and hugged her.  Her friend was not the same.  When Happiness asked Joy, “Why are you so glum?” Joy responded simply, “When you went away, my happiness went with you.  My coffee always had sour milk, I was continuously over charged and liked nothing I purchased and my kids have grown too big to play with me.”  Happiness smiled brightly and expressed her gratitude to be reunited with Joy. “Joy my love!  My coffee always tasted as good as when you made it, my shopping trips have always been amazing as I found things for myself that you used to pick out for me, and my children have grown beautiful and amazing!  See, the thoughts I have of you helped me enjoy the experiences I was had, knowing one day I would share them with again.”  The moral of this story is:  We choose our feelings, we choose our course, and we choose our attitude.  What we feel, think and how we respond creates our world.  Choose Happiness or Joy, but remember, you choose to create either in your life.