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Wide Open Spaces

We all are on a road in life. We can follow the path where ever it may lead us. It is when we are willing to walk with confidence and faith that we are able to attract on our path the things we truly want. Too often we are filled with fear of the unknown, or we feel we are walking alone. We walk with our head hung and we miss the beauty and the awesomeness of what lies around us. Pick your head up and realize the amazing things that are brought to you through your experience is a combination of You and Your Angels, God, The Universe, and your thoughts. You are in control of what you think. Find it within yourself to trust and have faith. Find that what is will be and you have the ability to control you. Don’t react so much as allowing.  Find your safety within your heart.  Remember that you know the ending.  Have confidence you can and will make it through this.  Control what you think by sending love and peace to those all around you.  Allow those who bother you not to bother you.  Don’t take things so personal.  It is NOT against you, but rather for their benefit.  Remember that you can control:  your thoughts, your feelings, and what you perceive.  It is not about YOU.  Find what feels right and attract that.