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“Take one look into my eyes and you shall see the truth of who I am.”  The Wolf comes to us when we are in need of protection.  He protects our heart, our being and our soul.  Wolf is a tender soul with survival first and foremost on his mind.  This guardian and teacher is to help you overcome what obstacles you feel are in your way.  He takes this role serious enough to appear to you when you are at your worse moments in life, or when you are most open to see that you are not alone.  His responsibility is to teach others that to fight for reasons other than protection is not the way of the world.  This creature is one of many who come out at night.  It is at night that we are able to truly see what is within ourselves and others.  Our hearts hold the key to the light that is within.  Family and community is the responsibility many hold dear.  Sometimes, we forget our duty.  We forget to look at what is in the best interest of the whole.  Talk to your Higher Self to see where it is you are headed and where you should be heading.  Know that you are not alone, but rather you are protected from others with the Soul of the Wolf.