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Spiritual Counseling Sessions with Dr.Jen

Scheduling Your Session

* We all have old habits that hold us back, keep us from reaching our potential, or cause emotional harm to ourselves and others.

Understanding and changing these patterns is at the core of spiritual counseling: even when those habits are intertwined with our relationships.

* Whether you seek spiritual counseling as an individual or as a couple, working with Dr. Jen will help you enrich your life, improve your relationships, reach your personal goals, and become more effective in your career.

​* Each session is one hour in length.

 * Appointments are offered during the day and evening via Zoom.

 * Dr. Jen works with adults, couples, and adolescents.

 Dr. Jen works with others regarding:

 * Relationship and intimacy issues

 * Personal and spiritual growth

 * Grief and loss

 * Addiction (the Challenged Loved One or the Family and/or Friends of the Challenged Loved One)

 * Depression

 * Low self-esteem

 * Anxiety

 * Life transitions

 * Emotional stress

 * Trauma

Payment is expected at the time of service; either Credit Payment, Zelle, or Venmo is accepted. 

Before Your Session

* Before scheduling your session, really think about what is coming up in your life. What is working for you? What is not working for you? What do you need clarity on? What is your body telling you? 

* If you have specific questions or issues you want to discuss, write them down or email them to Dr. Jen prior to your session. This will helps you and her prepare for your time together. Sometimes, the session goes into an entirely differently direction that you thought. Allowing the session to flow where it needs to go gives you the benefit of healing what needs to be healed, not necessarily what you think you want to heal. The higher self knows more than we do and this allowance for flow allows for you to work through what is necessary at this time.

* Ten to fifteen minutes prior to your session, please sit quietly in meditation to calm your mind, body and emotions. This will allow you to be more present during the session and to actually hear what is being said.

During Your Session

* Please don’t be afraid to ask more questions or ask for clarification. This is your session. If something presented does not make sense, please keep asking questions until you really understand the answers. You will be glad you did!

After Your Session

* After your session with Dr. Jen, you may want to take some time to integrate and reorient yourself back into your everyday world. Be aware of this and plan a few minutes to “come back” after the session. To do this, you could take a nap or simply rest. You could also take a walk and breathe deeply. Being tired after a session is common and usually means you have started shifting who you are as a result of the session. You can also feel energized and realize this motivation is to help you begin anew with the information you received.

* Be aware that a few days after your session you may feel different. The range of emotions that you experience could be extensive. You could be releasing anger, so you may feel angrier for a time. You could be releasing sadness that has been buried. It could be that you are now able to move through an unconscious block, so you are experiencing freedom. This could bring about extreme joy or the fear of the unknown. These reactions are neither right or wrong. They are simply apart of the process.

* Contemplate your session.  You can now spend more time meditating, relaxing, and exercising. Do those thing that bring your body comfort, such as sleeping, exercising, laughing and enjoying life more. If you don’t feel better in a few days, contact Dr. Jen and ask for help. If you are simply releasing, she will be able to ground you and get you back into balance in a few minutes.