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The Journey

Taking the first step in your healing JOURNEY is more like a big leap of faith. There is faith in yourself and faith that is your next step. Our first step in the process begins with us discussing what is your present story. What does your present look like? How would you like to feel different?

How do we begin?

Where do you wish to begin? When would you like to begin to create change? We will discuss what patterns you have and how you work best to change these. It is connecting within yourself that the change begins to happen. By creating a safe space for you to experience healing your truth begins to shine through as well as what you are hiding from.
Next, we will discuss how I can best be of service to you. It is my desire to help you begin making the changes you desire. We set up our first experience together and get to making things happen for you!

What are sessions like?

Each of your sessions are custom created for you. From which healing modality will be used, to what we discuss, to what wants to be cleared and released, is based on you and your needs at that time. Every person and every session are different and unique. Each experience is always uplifting and calming. You will feel a shift, slight or significant, after each session.
Our sessions are 1-hour in length and we meet at least once a week. To help us prepare to meet, I ask you to complete a prep sheet to help me prepare for each session and for you to document your shifts. This simple prep sheet consists of 5 very simple questions allowing me to catch up with you and what you have been working on for the week.
Choosing to make this commitment to yourself allows you to experience change with ease, support and guidance. Your support is continuous as you can email me 24-hours a day, seven days a week. If you reach a tough spot, you can contact me directly via phone to discuss or work through things. If a time comes and things are really unbalanced, we will meet twice within a week to work through what has come up to be healed.

How do you decide what to heal?

YOU are always in charge of the direction of your experience! Your higher self will allow you to heal and clear only what is ready to be released at any particular time. This is a process and we take all the time we need to clear and release what needs to be done. Everything is done in your timeframe and at your pace.
Working together, I will use the holistic healing modality best suited for the experience of that session. Each session has the intention for you to clear, heal, and release what needs to be let go for you to create a vibration to what you desire in your world and your experience. With each session, you will feel lighter, more empowered, and in charge of the direction your life is headed.

How will I feel after a healing?

When healings are done, you will feel lighter, empowered. You will feel either energized or a bit sleepy depending on how your body needs to adjust to the new vibrational pattern you are aligned with. All healings are done in person or long distance. When a long-distance healing is completed, a report is sent to you to review what has been released.

How long does it take to see the change?

For best results, committing to at least six-months’ worth of session is recommended. Packages are offered to give you an opportunity to choose which amount of time is best suited to your lifestyle. To see the slight changes that result in life changing results, a commitment of six months allows you this ability to pace yourself and be gentle with yourself as you create change. Almost all of my clients sign up after the first initial commitment because they have realized how powerful they are, and they want to change more! For the few that choose to go it alone, they come back after a short period of time to receive monthly tune ups.
I am sensitive to people’s journeys and how much time is available. We will discuss what time frame you are able to commitment to and adjust the scheduling of sessions to meet your needs. The experience of working with me should be a joy and something that you look forward to. As we step through the process of healing, releasing, and realigning, communication is always necessary.