Jen Casper

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Jen Casper

“There are many levels of truth. Sometimes to live our truth,

we need to trust a greater power beyond ourselves.”

~Jen Casper, Spiritual Guide



journey of one


With over thirty years’ experience working as a professional Spiritual Guide, Jen has helped many overcome obstacles, have clarity of vision, and has taught them how to move forward in life. Her unique gift of intuitive guidance and Support inspires, motivates, encourages, and teaches others more about themselves. We each have a soul path script to follow and when we are able to see beyond the chaos of life, it is nice to know there is an Angel nearby to help.

Jen works with your angels, the archangels, the ascended masters and her own angels to help you see what you are missing. The conversations she has with these important leaders help her to educate and enlighten others for their highest good and potential. Jen has helped many rediscover life, to move forward after the death of a loved one, assisted professional offices in locating missing persons, and she has predicted many things that have come to pass.

The messages given only allow for the client’s highest good and greatest potential to be served. Jen’s ethical policy focuses on the positive intentions. With an accuracy rate of 98%, she has many returning clients and word of mouth referrals. Jen is guided into your life when changes are necessary, when you need guidance from a higher source, when you need a different perception and when you can’t see where you are headed. She is able to help you heal, help you recognize blockages of achieving your desires, and help you establish new obtainable goals as well as achieve your current life ambitions.

Jen has appeared on Spiritually Raw and New Jersey’s Rock Station WNNJ 103.7, worked with NEPA Paranormal, worked with local law enforcement agencies, has guided many professionals and celebrities. She is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, but is able to do readings over the phone, in person, or through Skype. She has spoken to people all around the world giving insight to those who needed support and guidance.

She is able to help you discover where you are headed, ease your mind and bring you much needed soul-level comfort. Her God given gift is used to help others for their highest good and potential. With the gift of being intuitive, she is able to help many learn their soul lessons and achieve their life path.

Contact Jen at (570) 871-3930 to schedule an appointment.

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