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A new Year

As the first night of 2013 takes over, we can breathe a sign of relief.  We have survived the Mayan calendar, we have survived another day.  This night we look to the future with eyes of clarity, heart open and ready to receive.  We take a breath in and allow it to stay with us for the moment.  Our new year’s resolutions are cast, our persistence strong to make this our year.  We can see whole-heartedly before us what needs to be done.  As you close your eyes and lay your head down this eve, take heart the angels can hear.  The angels are smiling down and know your truest desires.  They have been at the ready to help you discover your truest path.  Your desires are only ever a thought, a moment away.  Find solace within, look deep for the answers you seek, allow only you to limit your success.  You can handle what is about to come forth.  Are you ready?  Are you ready to embrace the unknown, what is yours to have?