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Dearest Body, please help me hear your messages. Archangel Raphael, please guide me in honoring and respecting my body’s needs.

Your body (or the body of the person you are inquiring about) is having a health issue because it is trying to convey a message. The body is speaking and wants to be heard.  You drew this card as a reminder to ask the body part in question, “What do you want me to know?”

After asking this question, listen to the thoughts, feelings, and visions that occur.  Every body part has a voice; and if you listen and follow its guidance, health will be restored.  But if you disregard the body’s message, it will speak increasingly louder in the form of pain (similar to a child having a tantrum to get attention). 

You have done such an amazing job this month!  You are listening.  You are in tuned with the vibration of what your body wants.  This week’s card is asking you to listen closer and see what specific area of your life, of your body, of your being is being affected by your choices.  The here and the now are asking you to do some action taking on relieving the discomfort you are feeling.

Pain areas of our body are letting us know there is stress in another part of our lives.  To find out what this area is, you need to be an investigator.  Talk to the area that is causing you concern.  Be curious like a child.  Close your eyes and focus on that body part.  If you hand hurts, close your eyes and focus your loving attention on it to see WHY it hurts.  What message are you not listening to?  Maybe you have been inspired by the spring are working too hard outside.  Maybe your hands just want to be pampered.  Maybe you are needing a break.  Maybe the entire body is in agony.  Do you need a vacation, a rest, a nap, a hug, love, or maybe just some alone time?

If you seem to not be able to heal this part of your body, contact Jen for an angelic healing.  She can be reached at 570-871-3930 or jen@jencasper.com.  Allow her to help you by raising your vibration and clearing away what you no longer need!