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Transition from Snow to Summer

Transition in itself is amazing and beautiful, but it leaves behind a life we once new.  We embark on a journey we are unsure where it is headed and the end result is still a mystery only the Angels know.  Transition comes from within.  It begins with a thought, a longing for something different, a desire for MORE.  A need to be feed and a hunger for what lies underneath all the glamor.  When we are in a state of transition, it looks very ugly.  It looks like things are worse than they were before you began.  In truth, yes, things are raw.  Life is not perfect, but if you can hang on and wait for the adjustments to catch up with your new thought processes, things will eventually come together.  Too often we want to go to sleep and wake up all fresh and new.  This is cutting short the time and the learning processes transition helps us to achieve.  It takes time and patience with ourselves.  It takes the peace from within to know that the process is just one step.  There is more to it and the journey is the best part.  To sleep through, or to not have to physically change, we would miss out on all the opportunities that come with move forward in a new direction.  We are able to change and become whomever WE desire.  May your transition become a significant part of your life and allow for the new ideas and perceptions to just be.