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Wishing Well

“Desire is the sacred impulse for life.  Feel it, but let go of all attachment to ownership.”

Desiring something is the most important impulse for manifesting.  You have begun to see the relationship between desiring something and inspiring to have it within your experience.  You also have begun to sense the moment of truth when you feel the inception of new life.  It is an “Aha!” moment when everything is beginning to make sense and seem tangible.  It is possible you have recognized a soul mate, conceived an idea or a child.  This card, Wishing Well awakens you to the presence of unseen forces that enable new beginnings.  Divine intelligence activates the field of possibilities where new life is co-created in a magical way.  Neither you nor anyone else can know how or why this happens.  It just does.  You can not control the process of growth.  Rather, you must step aside to be a channel for higher forces and relinquish any attachment to new creation should appear, or when.  Form your intention, and take action by dropping the coin into the Wishing Well; then trust in Spirit.  Prepare to be amazed.


Let go of what your preconceived ideas are.  Release the need to control and do better than what Spirit can.  Too often we feel we have the ability to see what Spirit can do, do what Spirit desires us to.  This is not true.  When we release our need and desire to control, we are surprised by how quickly Spirit works for us to manifest what we need and desire in this lifetime.  Today, breathe in deeply and allow for what you desire to just happen naturally.  Don’t push, don’t do.  Just be.  Be one with the natural flow.  Spirit will not allow you to fall or get hurt, but rather you shall land safely and soundly and in a better place than you ever thought possible.  Allow what you want to be asked for, then move along as if it has been taken care of.  It is like knowing you have someone there to do the work behind the scenes.  Just let go.