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White lilies

When life seems to take over and we feel powerless, an Angel comes our way to show us where to go.  We allow this Angel to step in grab our shoulders and say “WAKE UP!  It is not as bad as you seem to think.”  This angel may always be in our life, maybe we cut this angel from us, or we just stumble across them.  Angels appear in human form.  They come when least expected.  They shine brighter than we ever thought possible.  As an Angel, you are put where you are needed.  You stay for only as long as you are needed and then you just walk away.  You walk away as you need to be needed somewhere else.  What does your Angel look like or resemble?  Someone you feel most comfortable?  Someone who hurt you, but you love any way?  Angels arrive always on time.  They are never late and never appear before they are needed.  They are full of love, understanding.  They have no need to judge as it is not their job to judge, but rather for them to love.  Angels are in many places, some places you would not expect to find them.